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    TT BuluTT

    Leading in


    BuluTT Depo ,is a file sharing platform provided to Turk Telekom users by MRD Information Technologies

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    Department of Associations

    Derbis Project

    Web based, user-friendly, extensive, quality, performed, new, corporate software for works and actions of Department of Associations personnel.


MRD is founded in 2008 in Ankara/Turkey, provides services in the area of specific software development, research and development and technical consulting.

MRD carries out business-planning-management processes and aims to optimum development of product thanks to his specific software solutions covering planning, development, support and all lifecycle.

Our extensive expert pool with software engineers, project managers and business development experts is basis of our power.

Yazılım geliştirme aşamasında müşterilerimizin ihtiyaçlarına karşılık verebilmek için, her zaman proje geliştirme süresi ve aşamalarını müşterilerimizin istekleri ile teknik olarak dengelemeyi amaç ediniriz.

We always aim to balance customer wishes and project development time with technical possibilities to answer our customer needs on the process of software development. This is the basis of MRD to determine efficient strategy and to make our clients different from their rival. To develop solutions for corporations or companies and customer needs, market analysis, product needs and scalable cost strategies together with our extensive knowledge and experience on faultless business process management is our starting point. Above that process MRD establish system integration, re-engineering, test and installation models.

Our research and development services include information systems and engineering, feasibility analysis and efficiency-feedback studies of major software projects.

With the projects, MRD targets to reduce financial risks of clients, to establish decision making mechanism on the project development process and to have more powerful place on target market.