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    TT BuluTT

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    BuluTT Depo ,is a file sharing platform provided to Turk Telekom users by MRD Information Technologies

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    Department of Associations

    Derbis Project

    Web based, user-friendly, extensive, quality, performed, new, corporate software for works and actions of Department of Associations personnel.


ID and Accession Management. Enables integration of Oracle Identity Manager and Oracle Access Manager products to the system to allow identity management and single sign on for Türk Telekom Software systems

ID, organization and accession management of 40 thousand Türk Telekom Corporate Software users have been supplied by software. Currently 18 systems integrated with IDM and SSO. Structure gets larger with the continuously Integration of new systems

  • Management chaos is disappeared by single sign on user management.
  • Thanks to synchronization of user authorization with systems, application level authorization changes can determine by user management.
  • User name / password chaos is disappeared for multiple application users.
  • Thanks to single user name and password user accession from single web page to other authorized systems is provided.
  • Thanks to identified approval mechanisms, user role and authorization changes are organized.
  • Thanks to identified reports, accession to detailed user data of integrated systems is provided.

Despite organization complex and superiority of corporate, volume and high number of used systems and continuously integration of systems, obtained benefits proves success of TT IDM and SSO project.

Technical Specifications
  • Project integrated to systems that are used by corporate such as LDAP and SPA thus without changing user infrastructure thus user and accession management become simple and easy manageable.
  • Able to integrate easily to new systems thanks to its upgradeable structure and brought user management standard to corporate
  • Product able reply corporate's requests thanks to its corporate shaped structure.