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    BuluTT Depo ,is a file sharing platform provided to Turk Telekom users by MRD Information Technologies

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    Web based, user-friendly, extensive, quality, performed, new, corporate software for works and actions of Department of Associations personnel.

TT Bulutt Depo

BuluTT Depo, is a service which offers file sharing platform for Türk Telekom users by MRD Information technologies. It is a file sharing platform enables users online file accession and synchronization on computers at the same time and allows accession to file via smart phones.

  • BuluTT Depo includes management portal for users and user types such as personal, corporate, corporate downstream user. Quota management and user permissions are provided over this portal.
  • Besides enabling users to upload files and to see uploaded files to the all clients at the same time, it also provides file actions such as copy, move and delete.
  • Moreover, allows personal or general file sharing via e-mail, URL and enables crating a password for secure sharing.
  • Thanks to its integration feature with users address book on the computers and smart phones, it provides speed and facility.
  • To find files easily, file search engine is exist
  • Creates an album for users' uploaded images and these albums can be watched as slide show.
  • Adaptable with social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Wordpress and sms /e mail sender systems.
  • As well as to work stand-alone, able to work integrated with applications such as CRM, LDPA etc...

In our era computer users would like to have online accession to their files through all kind of platforms. To access updated file any time anywhere is needed besides it makes our lives easier.

Technical Specifications
  • BuluTT Depo application comprise of three layers.
  • First layer is storage layer which enables to hide documents and replication of them in different locations.
  • Second layer is server layer which manages all users (file transfer, backup etc..) and business process (user management, billing).
  • Third layer is client layer which manages and access users' documents via smart phones, personal computer and web.
  • File transfer between client and server is provided via SSL and supported by user level AES standard special key encryption.
  • HTML5 is supported over internet browsers.
  • x86/x64 platforms are supported.
  • BuluTT Depo; has web, desktop, tablet and smart phone applications.
  • Together with the Multilanguage support, used language is Turkish.
  • Users have the advantage of backup and restore their documents besides, because of the servers are within the structure of Turk Telekom rather than over the unknown server outside of the country, make system more secured for the users.
  • Moreover, uploaded images are visible as thumbnail and slide show.