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    TT BuluTT

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    BuluTT Depo ,is a file sharing platform provided to Turk Telekom users by MRD Information Technologies

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    Department of Associations

    Derbis Project

    Web based, user-friendly, extensive, quality, performed, new, corporate software for works and actions of Department of Associations personnel.

TTNET Toolbar

TTNET Toolbar Project is a toolbar for TTNET ADSL subscribers to access their invoices and TTNET service links and to learn their used quota

Smart toolbar is a smart toolbar provides short cut TTNET services to users over browser with approximately and increasingly 200 thousand users.

  • With Smart tool options user can see the links on Smart Tool. This links are, JS Music, Tivibu, Game, Vitamin, Netdisc, Online processing center, Wifi, TTNET Program Security. Users lends to their pages by clicking that links on smart toolbar
  • Via e-invoice section, B month invoice can be watched as a list and by clicking intended invoice, new PDF format page opens.
  • 3 month of update and download amount of subscriber is visible in the Quota information section. Limited user, get over quota warning according to their quota limit.

Smart tool Toolbar Project is one of the rare toolbar presents online data to user among the other toolbar project. Toolbar is a perfect system which is become prominent among others with its increasing user number, performance and security

Technical Specifications
  • Smart tool Exe Application created with an Toolbar programme. Application coded by Java Technology. Graphics comes via JS library.
  • Application takes information via connecting internet services. And transfers the information via some web services.
  • Smart Tool Toolbar, among the other Toolbar software, become prominent with its performance, user interfaces, continuously chancing online user information on toolbar.
  • Software and system security level tested by expert security firms.
  • High number of simultaneous user metrics.
  • Enables to control actives and information all the time.
  • High Performance Metrics
  • High amount of data management ability
  • Software infrastructure quality
  • User-friendly screens
  • Graphic design quality