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    TT BuluTT

    Leading in


    BuluTT Depo ,is a file sharing platform provided to Turk Telekom users by MRD Information Technologies

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    Department of Associations

    Derbis Project

    Web based, user-friendly, extensive, quality, performed, new, corporate software for works and actions of Department of Associations personnel.

Web Based Solutions

Architecture design and application is on the base of our web based applications.

We are continuing our work on specific web applications, special database designs and producing special solutions for corporates at portal, electronic business projects, re-structuring and maintenance of existing system.

We produce wide and lasting electronic business projects with the experience of long years and fund of knowledge and adaptation to advancing technology standards.

  • E-trade website development
  • specific database needed web applications
  • Internet Portals
  • Back-end ERP and Supply chain integration
  • Application integration services
  • Costumer Relations Management
  • Safe intranet and extranet
  • Catalog Management
  • Folder Management
  • Content Management
  • Information Management, are our web based applications.